Why Sewing Encourages Strong Character

Sometimes you can be going along so smashingly, and then *this* happens.

At such times, you can scream. Or storm away, and erupt at whoever has the misfortune to be within hearing distance.  Like I used to do.  Or you can get another roll of ribbon, and finish the job. Like I did.

As my mother says, it’s nothing to lose your Christianity over.  And, if you *don’t* storm off, you might end up with something nice. Like a whole ‘nother spool of ribbon, so you can have velvet

On the top

In the Middle

And on the Bottom.


T-shirt skirt from up-cycled T from thrift store. Pocket created using the rib-knit from the end of a sleeve. Intended as a gift for my littlest sister for Christmas. A few scraps left . . . what will I make with this lovely fabric next?!


6 thoughts on “Why Sewing Encourages Strong Character

  1. Charity, I sure like your thrifty creations! I did a fair bit of sewing myself in my youth, so I appreciate what goes into it. However, I was never as creative as you, so that intrigues me. Keep it up!


  2. Such an adorable skirt! I’m deeply impressed by how you see the potentional in “nothing” and alter it with just the right details to make it stunning. Impressive!


  3. I commented before but the comment doesn’t show up – i wonder why? However, I was thinking that maybe some little detail to wear together with the skirt, to knit the outfit together, would be nice? Like a hairbow/barrette or some small pieces on the fabric sewn onto a white top like a ribbon around the neck, or a piece cut out in the shape of a strawberry and you could sew it on with red thread and make some leaves in green? And use as an application onto a top, red or white? Surely, your ideas are way better than mine :-)


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