Something for Me

I’m making an unusual amount of things for myself lately.

A flower for my violin recital (which, I’m told, went really well. Unfortunately, my parents were so entranced, they forgot to video it. Bummer.)

It’s sitting on the skirt I wore. I love how the colours match exactly. I’d be happy to make one like this for somebody for $6 plus shipping. It’s got swarovski crystals, and I have a few different colours

Than, after making the pouch below for a gift, featuring beading (see hair-pieces) a gusset (my first time ever) and a stitched in label (yes!)

I made this, (below) for me.

Three beads on the front (see lady in white and red kimono’s hair piece), a gusset, 

And my personal triumph, a beaded pull chain.



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