Dirty Dud Bag

Finally! Finished! I sat down and did three minutes more work, and here it is:

As you can see, it is a lined skirt, with the lining sewn shut and a drawstring put in.

It hangs funny in this photo because the nails are uneven.

To get to business:It is an Old Navy size 10, lined skirt, with the lining sewn shut and a drawstring put in. You can tie the ribbons, but they don’t do much except make it aesthetically pleasing. The outside (shell) is 62% cotton and 38% polyester. The lining is 100% cotton.

The flip side of the tag says”Machine wash cold gentle cycle/ wash and dry with like colors/ only non-chlorine bleach when needed/ tumble dry low/ cool iron /do not iron on print/ do not dry clean. ” We have washed and dried this with success using a natural laundry soap.

The length of the outside of the skirt measures 23″, the inside where your clothes will go measures 22″.  The opening, when laid flat and all the “cinch” taken out of it, measures 17″.

This dirty dud bag is very useful for sleep-overs, or any other time you don’t wish to be seen carrying dirty clothes through the house in a plastic bag.  I have made several, including one for myself, and every one loves them.


Take a seam ripper with you, and you’ll have an emergency skirt! :)

I would recommend being gentle to the drawstring on the zippered side.  That side is where I stitched the ends of the draw-string together, and while I don’t *think* they will come apart, I would suggest pulling on the strings instead of the bead.

This dirty dud bag can be yours for $10.99–that includes shipping to the lower 48 states from our non smoking home. I will ship elsewhere, but the price has to be adjusted to reflect that. Contact me at phdfam@gmail.com


Now the fun stuff: as I had said, it was rainy and windy today. Just now it’s cleared off somewhat. Due to certain weather patterns (namely the wind) the intended photo-shoot under the tree had to be abandoned, and moved to the play-house.

My dad kindly built the playhouse for me when I was maybe seven-or nine, I forget.  I used to play in it, now my siblings do.  I haven’t been in it for a long time, so I had fun re-exploring it.

It’s a bike tire.

And a puddle–evidence of a leak.

But my absolute favorite is the lady bugs.

30 of them (I counted) Tucked absolutely everywhere.

Including two members of the Royal Family,

Painted by Myself. When I was a wee thing.

And for those skeptical about the picture at the end of my last post, it was indeed a puddle. See my boot toes in the puddle? And the gravel on the side? Enlarge the picture, and you’ll even see a swirl of sediment stirred up by said boot toes.  I wouldn’t have believed it myself, had I not spent so much time in this particular puddle when a small child.



One thought on “Dirty Dud Bag

  1. I’m thinking you were probably closer to 7 when the playhouse was built since we moved when I was 10, and I know we played in there for longer than just a year (as it would have been if you were 9)


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