Flowers For Valentine’s Day–or Any Day really!

The First Five:

What you see here are three Poppy Style flowers, and Two Ruffly/Rose flowers, all with the usual back loop for affixing to clips, bobby-pins, etc. 

The Rose style sells for $6,  The deep red Poppy style flower for $6 also,  because it has swarovski crystals for the center. Of the flowers with hearts, the flower on the right is slightly smaller, and while perfectly appropriate for an adult, is also great for a younger person! Both of those are available for $5.00 a piece.

The last three:

See something missing? ;-)   There is! **You** can chose your center colour of beads at no extra cost! I have a range of colours including pink, gold, yellow, blue, red, green, and purple. If I only have your colour choice in swarovski crystals, that will be included in the cost. Normal beads, $5.00 for each flower. If Swarovski crystals, then $6.00. Get in touch with me at: to discuss! I’m excited to be able to offer this “almost-custom-order” option!

I’d love to increase my blog flowers, and my customer base, so if you don’t mind grabbing the button and adding it to your blog or website, I’d really appreciate it! The proceeds from my sales goes to help pay for my violin related expenses, and these are so much cheaper than diamonds!



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