Burp Cloths

This was a new venture for me, and one I’m glad I did. Turns out I *like* sewing burp-cloths! Who’d’ve thunk??   But there is something soothing about making them, perhaps akin to playing scales: First  “Do” in all it’s triumphant significance, then with the precision of a master chef setting the garnish on a dish, come the rest of the notes, released gently into the air.  The climax “Do” comes like a breath, then carefully returning  like a fisher bird stalking it’s prey, to a beautiful dying finish that causes one to bow the head in reverence and relief.

The whole process is calming. The soft flannel and the way it flops in my hand, and the rhythmical precision required to stitch them up.

So I will be *happy* to make some more of these! Even if you haven’t a baby, it’s always good to have a baby-gift on hand, for those last-minute announcements. And this is such a nice gift, as well. Soft flannel, cute trims, cute prints! And a comfortable 18×8 inches, for good coverage.  With one of these on your shoulder, burping a baby becomes almost–dare I say it–I do— *fashionable*!   :)  Of course,  if you prefer something a bit less cutsie, I can work with that too. :)

These are obviously intended for either a girl or the mother’s benefit, but I have boy themed flannels on hand as well.  Email me or leave me a comment if you want to see what I have available.

The best part, I think, is the trims. All the trims on these were from the stash, so that was fun. The trim combo shown above is a super-fun printed rick-rack layered over the same green ribbon used to tie the bundle together.

Second best is the top-stitched edges. Top-stitching is so fun!

Since you now want to buy one (or several!), they are  $4.50 apiece, plus shipping,  if the flannel is on hand. If we have to purchase flannel, the price will rise accordingly.    And they measure approximately 18×8 inches.

(Just in case any of you were missing warm weather) ;-p


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