My apologies for being quiet for so long. Not that I haven’t been doing sewing-I have- but not much. Partially because the weather has been so nice in spurts, that I’ve spent most of my time outside (nothing to take pictures of, sorry.)  But I did sew some adorable burp-cloths for a dear cousin who had her first child, a son. I had to send them by mail, and didn’t want to potentially ruin the surprise. Now that she has them-and loves them, I might add- I can show them to you:  

Seeing as both his parents are cowboys, and at least one set of grand-parents is in the ranching business, I felt the fabric was appropriate. Best of all, both fabric and ribbon were in the stash! :)

I’ve also been working on a custom order, altering clothes,  and am currently working on a donation for a benefit auction for Canoe Creation. I’m doing a cobbler apron in the two middle fabrics in the “Lodge” collection, see below. BTW, the picture does not belong to me; find the original here.


Isn’t that just *so* perfect?? And the Parker family is really fine: As evidence of this, I present the fact that Mrs .Parker makes no audible objections when Mr. Parker demonstrates leather tanning techniques (involving raw, wet deer hide)  on her living room floor.

Behold: building a wigwam. And the reed mat on the left we also made, on a handmade loom.

Good times. They have been generous on prices and payments with us, above and beyond the call of decency, so I’m glad to help them in turn.



2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Thank you, Charity, you are very gracious. : ) We are thrilled that you enjoy the classes and teaching and are so very thankful for your donation. What a great contribution to our silent auction. God Bless you! Amy Parker


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