A Walk, and Katya

These pictures, until I tell you otherwise, are from Sunday.

I don’t know if this is seriously funny or seriously disturbing. It all depends what the hat says.

Okay, otherwise. :) These are from Thursday, I think. I went for a walk around the hospital block, which, by the way, is huge.

These are the therapy flowers. They sit in pots around the main entrance, and smell wonderful. We jokingly call it scent therapy.

More flowers.

This is some of the intresting architecture around John Hopkins. You’ll see more later; These pictures are in the order I took them.

Trees along one street.                    This bit of street reminds me of Ukraine.

Names written on the Pathology Building.

Okay, I really need to stop talking. This reminds me of the books by Bill Peet.

This one is sad. Katya going for Labs. Blow it up, and look.

Play room afterwards.

Now these pictures are from today.

Taking Katya’s braids out. Some of them look like they have been coiled down and glued. The nurses say that Neorology is the *worst* when it comes to hair. They say, and I quote-That it’s just a bunch of men playing with long hair. Yikes!

She thought we were going to go for the scissors.

Clown Hair.

See how nice and relaxed she looks? :)

P.S. Sorry about the cat. It got thrown out. :(


4 thoughts on “A Walk, and Katya

  1. Katya is so cute! I’m so glad to hear she’s up and walking!

    I too was curious about Jesus’ hat, so I zoomed in. It says “Beer Pong,” so I suppose it falls under the category of “Disturbing.”


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