Katya, and A Walk

The view out Katya’s PICU window is very nice.

Domes, Cupulas, Widows-Walks.

We’ve really been having nice weather of late…..

I know: Most of you are here to read about Katya, not the weather.  So you’ll be intrested to know that

I went to visit her yesterday.

She was in a pretty good mood.

We took her for a walk after a while. She was excited, trying to help unhook herself from the monitors. By now she knows how to do it almost as well as the nurses.

She marched-at a fairly brisk pace- all the way down to CT scaning, while carefully making notes of elevators and stairways.

If she was in a good mood before her walk, afterwards her mood was fantastic. We think she was plotting her escape.


2 thoughts on “Katya, and A Walk

    1. I don’t know if there is a garden area; If there was, I agree it would do a lot of good. I know there is a deck area the children can play in, but it was closed today.


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