Easter Away from Home

Our Easter began early: The dear folks who brought supper in also brought in an easter basket. Sadly, they didn’t get to see much of the fruit of their efforts: We were the only family eating supper at the Childrens House, and we had friends bring supper for us.The night before, supper had been very, very skimpy: almost everyone ended up raiding fridges or ordering in Chinese. I guess no-one wanted to risk two skimpy meals in a row, and went out.

But the people trickeling back at nine and ten at night from the hospitals were touchingly grateful to have good leftovers in the fridges.  So all was not lost.

It was a fun evening, even though Katya evidently is suffering from sharp and shooting pains.

We came down this morning to a fruit and rolls breakfast kindly provided by a family here.

Katya chose to eat in the glowing sunshine, which had a pretty effect upon her hair, sadly not captured in the pictures.

It was very good.

We than went to church. The service sensibly began at 11.

And than a friends house for lunch (also good.)

Chad had fun with her dog, a friendly, soft thing.

Chad loves dogs.

Katya had fun too! Because she wasn’t scared, as long as the dog didn’t sniff her.

Sadly, going home, her lips began turning blue, so she’s back on the couch to rest.

We all are following her example, in our various ways.

Happy Easter!


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