Lilacs and Pie

I’ve been sewing a lilac coloured dress, in the peasant style, originally intended for Katya.

Upon trying it on her, we discovered that it’s too small.  It’s those long, bony arms. >sigh<    It’ll probably end up for sale.

Usually I am very fond of lilacs, but this year they smell much too saccharine.  I feel rather miffed at this surprising turn. Why must one of my favorite spring flowers suddenly be emitting an aroma reminiscent of cheap eau de toilette? 

At least they *look* nice. Even if I won’t be putting any near my face.  Maybe their scent will improve as the season wears on.  One can hope.

I’ve made a pie for supper. I’m not a great pie baker. I don’t like most fillings–they run and ooze, and are much, much too sweet. And my crusts–not so good.  But after being inspired by pictures in a magazine (Good Housekeeping in Baltimore, I believe?) I have decided to give pie-making another try.

A Pulled Pork with Mashed Potatoes and Peas Pie.

We were getting tired of pulled pork sandwiches, you see.

I’m trying a new dough recipe.  Without having completely tested the recipe, (haven’t eaten the pie yet)  I will say that the dough did handle very, very well, esp. considering that spelt is sticker than durum wheat.

And now, for your delectation:  Spring!

(Update: The pie came out very well! We all enjoyed it. The crust was excellent. But than, what would you expect from a recipe titled “Never, Never Fail”?)


3 thoughts on “Lilacs and Pie

  1. Intriguing title, Charity! I can think of few combinations more compelling than lilacs and pie – two of my favorites! (Especially with the oozing fillings! Slurp!) Too bad the dress is too small. :-( Katya’s growing so fast I’m sure it’s hard to keep up! The fabric is darling and I’m sure some lucky little girl will love it very much.


  2. Also, do you have a use for king-sized pillowcases? We have a king-sized bed but use standard pillows. If you can think of something you’d like to do with them I will gladly send them to you.


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