An Apron and Hair-bow

Katya is picky about what goes in her hair, and understandably so. I try to be obliging, so I made this alligator style hair-clip for her.

So long as we’re careful to not snag her sutures, she’s mostly fine with it.

And I made this cobbler-style apron.

It was cute.

I made it cuter. :)  Look, look!

See?? See??

It’s so boutique I can hardly believe myself!  Usually my projects come out nice, but plain. Not looking like something the trendy bloggers have up.

I can’t wait to make pie! :)


3 thoughts on “An Apron and Hair-bow

  1. What a lovely way to accent her beautiful head of hair! :-) The cobbler’s apron should be in a magazine. Too darling!


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