The Ducks. And Fish.

There is a use for moldy and dried out bread. It involves ducks.

We all felt safe, excepting this one.

Ducks are on the list of “Ferocious Carnivorous Animals That Eat Katyas”, apparently.

It was a lovely grey and brown day.

Everything was so photogenic.

Aren’t they so sweet together?

The *real* way to throw bread.

His technique attracted some goslings.

And a mysterious blob.

Despite our protestations to the contrary, fish do indeed eat Katyas.

She thought it time to leave.




2 thoughts on “The Ducks. And Fish.

  1. I’m with Katya on the mysterious blob! That would’ve sent me back to the car as well. Your pictures tell a wonderful story, with or without captions!


  2. thank you for sharing your nice outing with us! Hopefully there comes a day when Katya will fully enjoy such an outing too!


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