In Which We Become Lucky

I suspected it day-before-yesterday, when I found two four-leaf-clovers.

It was confirmed today, when Chad and I found not two, but *eight* four-leaf clovers! Eight is our low-end estimation, because we are trying to be humble.

We also found a “yellow-bellied house-fly”! *

There was a inch-worm, of the green variety, but the camera wouldn’t focus, so you’ll have to look at a baby-praying mantis instead.

We’re very “lucky”!  What with being surrounded by mutant vegetation, and the free-ranged behind the nuclear-power-plant chickens and all.  But more than that, God is Good.

* See “Rabbit Takes a Holiday” from “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”.


6 thoughts on “In Which We Become Lucky

  1. Glad you are so lucky! Remember where you found them! Our neighbor has some and they come back every year, so maybe you’ll have them when you need them next year!
    “Free-ranged behind the nuclear power plant ….” HUH?


    1. It was a joke from FB. I can’t remember exactly, but My mum posted about a deep clean we were doing at the time, and Monica said something along the lines of “so you found the chicken I left for you.” My mum pointed out that the areas we had deep cleaned contained no chicken, so Monica said it was behind the couch”. A whole long FB thread developed with all kinds of jokes and it was finally decided that the chicken was from a nuculear power plant close to Monica and was a mutant sort of thing. A few weeks later, some relatives gave us some *large* food–the biggest drumstick we had ever,ever seen, so we really joked about the nuculear mutant chicken . . . hence, the joke in the blog post. I was thinking about how “lucky” (blessed) we are to have been given so much food this year by people when I wrote this post, so the whole chicken thing came to mind. Does that make a little more sense now? ;-)


  2. Even more important than lucky, you are thankful, too! That’s a great photo of the praying mantis. He’s probably praying that you’ll let him go. ;)


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