Baltimore and a Choice

Katya had a follow-up appointment in Baltimore. We left on Sunday. She was excited-Yes, she wanted to see Dr.Carson, who is gentle-gentle touch. Yes, she was ready to go.

She liked eating outside. Yes, she was happy.

And then, going through the Wheeling Tunnel,the penny dropped. With a clang.

And we were treated to rocking, the removal of hair-bows, and anxious glances the Whole.Rest.Of.The.Trip.

By the time we got to Baltimore, the penny had turned into a Spanish Medallion.

On Monday she was frightened as we drove around the hospital, but cheered considerably because we came in the new part of the hospital, which she has never seen before.

And she came up with a new tactic for interposing herself between Chad and Mom.  Chad is so delighted, he doesn’t mind, even though he knows that’s what she’s doing.

Two cuties in the cafeteria.

A fire. The news said it was a ware-house.

Tuesday after her appointment with Plastics, We were planning to go to to an old Mill-turned Shopping Mall, but the traffic was horrendous, so we went to a thrift-store instead.

Lovely blue dishes.

And rainy colours on the way back.

Next day (Wednesday) in D.C. National Aquarium. Which has nothing on the Baltimore National Aquarium.  I loved the colours of the coral.

A lovely guitar in the Smithsonian.  Not pictured are the lovely violins, violas, and cellos, all of which I itched to play. Even though I can’t *play*
violas and cellos.



A Choice

I’ve got to chose one or two trims for this project for myself, and I’d like your opinions, which may be left in the comment boxes.

Trim A (below)

Trim B

Trim C

Trim D

And some buttons I was thinking would work.  I’ll post a picture of it when it’s finnished.

BTW, Katya received a favourable report from both Doctors. She also made a huge leap in her communication, by self identifying and signing “fear” when she was frightened. We’re so happy!


7 thoughts on “Baltimore and a Choice

  1. I vote for the yellow ricrac…choice D, I think? They would all be lovely, though. Once it’s put together no one will know what you didn’t choose; they will just know it looks nice. :-)


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