Summer Fun

Can you read that tag? “Set of 24 retro “Melmac” 9.99″.

My mum and I discovered a new-to-us thrift-store while out yardsaleing.  Not so great in the way of clothes, but for solid wares–dishes, baskets, perfume bottles, knick-nacks– it beat the Good Will all to pieces, as all of the items were clean, and none chipped or broken. I understand that the proprietress was formerly a dealer of antiques, so she would know how to care for things.

I just love the sound the cups, bowls, and saucers make when stacked. They seem to call for canned peaches and oatmeal rasin cookies.

And it’s such an eye-filling shade of blue.  I look forward to setting my table with these.


Some dear friends of ours (formely from the same town in Russia as Kristina) came to visit us this week, and kindly paid for our supper.

Serious cotten-candy eating.


Katya playing blocks, a gift from the friends. See her sunglasses?


A seriously cool bridge near where we watched fire-works with our friends.

A steep embankment, and a concrete creek bank.

The amazing steel girders. In the walls there was also a sluice that looked just like the exit hole for a midieval castle’s latrine. I should’ve got a picture.

A man-made dam.

Pre-fire-works snuggling.

Katya wiggling her nose. This is what she does when she is upset. The arrival of a large dog on the left, and one on the right, kept her close to Mommy and Daddy.

I made her the hairbow.

Here she’s having a one-sided fruit eating competition with daddy.

We thought it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately, she did not seem to enjoy the fireworks this year. However, between her sunglasses, and the hunter’s ear muffs that I provided, Katya was content to chill out on Mum’s lap. She didn’t scream, so we consider the evening a success.

Fireworks are more fun with Friends.

Chad with Sparklers.


The project I mentioned in the previous post is about a foot from being finished. A tip for aspiring sewers: Always make certain you have enough trim before sewing it on.  In the present instance, I *thought* I had measured. My trim is vintage, of an unusual colour and shape, and pretty-well impossible to duplicate. I’m waiting for inspiration to strike on how to fill the gap.


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