In Which I Explain

I finished my skirt.

I really liked it.

The section of larger rick-rack worked out great.

I hand-stitched the green ribbon down, hand tacked the flowers.

The belt loop was superb.

I found the perfect candy-coloured hem-tape in the stash. It was vintage, too, so double plus. And I carefully, painstakingly zig-zag stitched the rick-rack on. My shoulders ached!

I wore it twice, to the tune of compliments. Now *this* is what it looks like:

I knew the zipper was sticky after I put it in, but I had worked *so* hard, that I thought I could live with some stick. The second time I wore it, the zipper wouldn’t unzip. We know: We snapped off the zipper pull trying.  A seam-ripper was produced; stitches undone, zipper sliced through, tears shed.

I’d put another zipper in, but I trimmed the fabric so close, to get it to lie flat, that I don’t think I can.


After all that drama, I decided to do a post about it any-way.

It was a beautiful post. It had pictures of the other two skirts I made off this pattern, and explanations of everything.

And than I hit “Save Draft”.

And the page refreshed, and showed an entirely new sight.

Gone were the pictures.

Gone were the captions.

Gone was everything but the title.

And it was irretrievable.

I gave up.


To follow:

Verbs And Adjectives That Make Me Happy


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