“Another Birthday Gift” or “How to Make an Inedible Jelly-Bean”

How To Make an Inedible Jelly-Bean:

One. Take a sweater that you want but don’t need. Cut two bean-shapes out of it. Mine was a cashmere in warm red, which was rather too small for me. Here you can see it with the bean already cut out.

Two: Cut some letters out of contrasting flannel and top-stitch them down to one of your pieces. This took me a while, and made my shoulders ache, but was totally worth it.

Three: Sew your two bean-shapes together, right-sides facing. As most sweaters don’t have a “right” side, especially cashmere ones, Just keep your letters on the inside.    Don’t forget to leave an opening to turn it right-side out.

Four: Clip corners, turn right-side out, fill.  Since I was filling this bean with rice and lavender, and I thought the rice word work out of the knit, I constructed an insert out of cotton and filled that.  Or you can just put your filling in. Either way, after filling your bean, slip stitch it closed.

The Birthday Gift:  Fairly simple.  Upon my mother’s suggestion, I cut the top off a baggy and filled it with jelly beans. I constructed a tag, drew the logo on it, and tied it with ribbon.

I also gave her a hand-sanitizer to round the package out.

Here’s the whole thing:

Next up: The Party.


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