In Which I Attend A Birthday Party

So The One Who Relates This To You took up the gift and betook myself to the dwelling of it’s recipient.  No, really, I did.

And after mingling a suitable amount of time, and eating some supper, I tied the camera to my jacket and climbed their tree, for to see what I could see.

I was joined by a few people.  The Charming yet Guileless young lady on the right is the Birthday Girl.

While I was up in the tree, I noticed a large cue forming at one end of the yard.

Turns out the patriarch of the place had made a deal with the boys: Stack all his firewood in exchange for a full bottle of lighter-fluid for the bonfire.

That’s him gleefully videotaping the work.

And this is the bonfire, which the party-goers wandered around for some of the time. And which consumed not one, but *three* full bottles of lighter-fluid in the starting.

When I wasn’t by the fire, I amused myself by watching people play the Wii. Some of them were rather odd-looking.

Oh, and the Birthday Girl loved her present.


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