What I’ve Been Doing

Lots of sewing. Well, plotting to sew. That means

scratching my head. How do I make the strap on the *left* as exactly as long as the strap on the *right*, and shorten the right to the left’s precise length? I just can’t wrap my puny brain around it.

And another project for Katya:

Concept art.

Blue buttons for Katya. You might see the orange ones later.  :)

Lots of reading. What you see below is my school book shelf.  May I recommend “The Violinist’s Thumb” by Sam Kean?   In 358 pages– not counting acknowledgements and notes– I learned more about DNA and genetics than if I had read my science unit on that subject 358 times.

Lots of violin practice.  *Lots* of violin practice.

Well, no, it’s not quite *that* bad. This is an old picture from two years ago.  But sometimes it gets pretty close.

And baking cupcakes. Look at Katya so politely requesting a cupcake. These were pumpkin spice, with orange frosting.  I had to make my own pumpkin-pie spice, and in the process learned that 1 tsp fresh, organic cloves is equal to about 4TB of the previous, old, non-organic cloves.

If you wish to see how I adapted the recipe, check out Katya’s Blog.

Happy Autumn!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing

    1. The Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH, definantly! *Heaps* of high quality fabric–almost too much to choose from! We ususally go there on our mother-daughter trips. A wee bit pricy, prehaps, if you’re on a smallish budget, but the fabric sews up so well, that I think it’s worth it for those special projects.



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