The Woes and Joys of Sewing

So that jumper I’m making for Katya has piping, right?

You can see it: The strip of green between bodice and skirt.

I wouldn’t *like* it without piping.


I can’t put the piping on yet. I need to know about the placket, first. I didn’t like the placket on the last pattern, and I’m not sure how to do one, anyway, with the gores in the skirt.


I can’t put the placket in, or decide how to do it, until the skirt is cut out.


I can’t cut the skirt out because I need the finished measurements from the bodice. To get the finished measurements from the bodice, I need to put the buttons in.


I can’t put the buttons in until I have the piping on.

*And I can’t put the piping on until I know about the placket.*   >sigh<        Life gets complicated when you try to sew outside the box.

In happier news, here’s my skirt, all finished.  Photo credits go to mum.

Front view–note functional pocket.  Hi, Great Grandma! Everyone likes that the best, just so you know. And the zipper was just the right colour!

Back view–please note the small elastic casing.

And the front fullness.

I love sewing with corduroy.  Except I can’t french the seams. I have to zig-zag them instead.  But I can still fully line the waist band, so that looks tidy.
All in all, a lovely skirt.

It gets mighty chilly in denim skirts over the winter, so I have a few more warm skirts to make. Also a warm skirt or two for Kristina.  And besides the corduroy jumper for Katya, I have two fleecy ones to make for her.   And fleecy pants for Chad.   AND  I have a donation for a fundraiser to sew up.  Oh– and baby gifts.
And I want to make myself some fabric flowers–I need a white ruffly one.
Boy, I’m busy!

So keep looking!


One thought on “The Woes and Joys of Sewing

  1. Such a nice skirt! Beautiful fabric, lovely pattern and wonderful work by you. It looks very nice and suits you perfectly! What a gift that you make such nice things!


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