A Quick Fix

  Observe this vest top. It is a corset-cover type thing, with miniature pleats and embroidery. And hideous yellow buttons.  From the Thrift-Store. I took a “before” picture of the whole thing, but the lighting was *awful* once I uploaded it, so you’ll just have to do with the close ups.

I sorted through our button box, and picked out all the pearlescent white ones of similar size. This was particularity thrifty, as nearly all of the small, white buttons floating loose in our button box have been ripped from other-wise worn out clothing, destined for the trash can.

A few snicks of the seam-ripper, a head-pin from my beading supplies, some thread, a needle, and about twenty minutes, and I was done.  It would have been less time, but the head-pin kept slipping and falling to the floor. I was stitching over it to create extra thread that I could turn into a shank.  (*not* the pokey knife thingy.)

Now, instead of a slightly tacky vest–with buttons the colour of a long-time smoker’s teeth– I have this: (look down)

Isn’t that so much better?

Of course it is.



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