Off The List

So one thing is checked off the list, at least.  I still have far too many things to sew up, but progress is progress.

Kristina is really excited to wear the skirt–she wanted to wear it today, already. Mum was like “No, it isn’t wintery enough yet.”  It really isn’t–the grass is still green.

Yes, Kristina does have hands, I promise!   I was using a new camera, and am not quite used to it yet.

The skirt was actually rather easy to sew up, because the fleece doesn’t fray.
And fitting wasn’t a problem, because the pattern was made to Kristina’s measurements.   The only hard part, really, was getting the velvet ribbon to match up at the side seam. I had to rip it apart six times, not exaggerating!

The waist-band facing.  On every skirt I’ve made for her from this pattern, I’ve used a fun facing fabric. It’s like a little gift to the wearer.  It’s the small touches that take a project from being okay and nice to being special and memorable.   I remember I had a knitted green sweater with turtle buttons, when I was quite small, and those buttons were the best thing ever. I try to pass on the joy.


2 thoughts on “Off The List

  1. Your sweet comments about noticing and enjoying the small details are right on the money! Kristina will remember your attention to details as a gift to her, I’m sure. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing your projects too. Your heart is a treasure!


  2. Such a nice and warm skirt! Kristina will be a warm and happy girl this winter. I’m impressed by your attention to details and fully agree that they are what makes the whole difference between ok and extraordinary!


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