It took me long enough! As of yesterday, Katya’s jumper was in the state which I last informed you of–no buttons, button holes, or piping. But I wanted it for her to wear to a program at school, so I mowed through, from  breakfast to midnight. I didn’t go to sleep ’till about 1 am.  Boy!

As to how I figured things out, sometimes my brain is like a computer: try to get it to do too many things at once, and it freezes.  It usually takes a few days, or weeks, for my brain to finish loading. It all sifted into place during nights.

Front view, standing.  Aren’t those gores lovely? I used the narrowest width shown on the pattern, and the hem still took nearly 4 yds of bias-tape!

The gore patterns are from Sew Beautiful, issue NO. 129, 2010.

The bodice is from McCall’s 4247, view D.

Front detail. I like that I had large buttons from the stash, purchased once on a clearance sale, for the straps, and….

small buttons for the back.  I figured out how to do a better placket. :)

Also, because I am continually forgetting what size I make her clothes, I labeled the back with “iv”. Yes, she’s still a size four on this particular pattern.

So what did you think?

Did my concept sketch turn out?


3 thoughts on “Fini!

  1. Charity, the dress is gorgeous! It reminds me of the type of dresses they sell in Germany and Holland at the very nice boutiques. I have family over there and when my daughter was younger I would try to find pieces like that(on sale of course!) for her to wear in winter. They have since been passed on to younger cousins, and they never go out of style! Katya is so blessed to have such a talented sister! :)


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