A Boyish Bunting

For some years a rather tatterd paperchain has adorned my little brother’s window. The chain was made by me, and was quite festive–in it’s youth.  It used to drape across his window frame and hang down at the ends, and was very colourful.  It has now been somewhat reduced. Pillow-fights,tussles, and sunlight will do that.

So, while Daddy was taking the Littles (all children 12 and under) for a walk, I took it upon myself to replace it with something else.  Something out of construction paper and thread. Something *respectable*.

I hate daylight savings time. The light was already getting too poor to take pictures easily, and it was only five.  On the bright side, when Chad came in, all rosy-cheeked, he took one look and said “For ME??!!  :-D ”

It *is* worth looking at, isn’t it?


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