Katya Mourns

Imagine losing your voice.


Imagine people talking about you and you never being able to say a word. Ever.


Never being able to tattle. To ask questions. Defend yourself. Not one word. Never being able to ask for help, shout a warning, say “I love you”.

Now remember every condescending person you’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. Every person who didn’t believe in you, who bullied you, treated you like a nobody.  Every time you’ve ever been frightened, abused, bullied, stolen from, lied about.   Imagine never being able to tell a soul. 010

Take a deep breath, and picture yourself living this way

For Eight Years.


How would you cope? How would you survive? Katya is dealing with this every day. She is living with incredible amounts of stress every day. She is beyond frustrated. She is angry, and hurting. Lately, since she “awakened more” emotionally, she screams and fusses for much of the day.  Katya has obviously suffered abuse in various forms, and remembers it. And she can’t tell us, can’t ask “why”.  Anyone who has lived with someone who has post-traumatic stress understands in part what we are dealing with.

We all need your prayers with equal fervency. Pray for us, that our faith fails not.


5 thoughts on “Katya Mourns

  1. I don’t know if I have words to express my feelings on this. I cannot imagine what this feels like to be the one struggling, and YET… my heart feels deeply about this. I believe if you will express some of these feelings in words to Katya, hold her when she lets you, and reassure her of your care and love for her, it will bond her to your hearts. Her heart has the language, so let your heart speak her heart language, and my prayer is that one day, God will heal her heart and her tongue , so the pain will find expression.


  2. I am so deeply sorry for Katya – and for you who longs to help her out of this. I will pray for you. It hurts, seeing the photos of katya you posted. Poor sweet girl!

    Please know that I have no experience whatsoever, so this is just a thought. Katya do understand when you talk to her, doesn’t she? Maybe if you hold her – when she will let you – and tell her that you don’t know what happened to her, but that you can see that she is angry and sad – and tell her that she has the right to be angry and sad. Maybe it might be opening Pandora’s box, but if you asked her, do you think she could show you, with small dolls as actors, what she is thinking about? Or draw something with stick figures for you?


    1. Katya does understand when we talk to her, but her receptive language is on the level of a three year old. That’s phenomenal, when you concider that she has only been learning English for over a year, but is pathetic when trying to hash out big idea concepts. We don’t know everything that happened to her, we can only guess, based on her reactions and what we hear from the parents of children adopted from her orphanage and group. Also, her drawing is very limited, as she had never held a writing instrument until we got her. She doesn’t really play with dolls. She plays with LEGO’s, but not in the usual way. She makes art out of them, and is *highly* sensitive to her pieces being messed with. Holding her is no problem, though. Even if she’s busy, she almost always will accept a kiss, and she adores being carried around. All we can do is lavish affection on her, and love her though it.


  3. Wow, you are wise beyond your years. You should consider writing a book. I will pray for precious Katya, I cannot imagine all she has/is going through. You are from a remarkalbe family and I have no doubt you will go on to do amazing things in your life.


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