A Blue Mistake

So I decide to make myself a much-needed winter skirt off of McCall’s 3296, in a lovely soft flannel.


The largest size I had was a 10, and according to the back I needed a size 14. But I decided to risk it.  Well, risking it didn’t work. No way was I going to fit in a size 10, that was immediately clear as soon as I held the partially completed skirt up to myself.  But in the three or so minutes in which I contemplated any way to make it work, I was bitten by the “I Can Make It A Little-Bit-Better” bug. It began with a zipper, expanded munificently to include a vintage hanky, and ended up with no zipper and a pack of perfectly matching vintage bias tape. Oh, those eye-filling blues!

Mistakes are Beautiful

I’m thinking pockets trimmed with hanky, and I’m not quite sure about the bias tape, but trust me, it will be used.

And still no skirt for me. >sigh<  But won’t this mistake turn out beautifully? I’m planning on selling this one, BTW.



3 thoughts on “A Blue Mistake

  1. only way to go…experiment and turn difficulties into opportunities. i do the same myself- and if it doesn’t always work, i’ve learnt something or figured out something. some of my best pieces came out of mistakes!


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