Katya Turns 8

So Katya had a birthday, her second with us. The little miss turned 8, would you believe it?   She totally did not “get it” last year: She hated opening presents, and could only open one.  Liked the cake, as I recall.

Katya last year, turning 7. Please note her dazed expression.
Katya last year, turning 7. Please note her dazed expression.


This year, she helped make her cake, a chocolate affair, with a banana mashed into it, and topped with frozen cherries. Raspberries are also decadent, and what we usually use.The fruit sinks down through the cake, and settles on the bottom in a moist layer. I guess it’s what you might call a cottage pudding. She was at first hesitant about getting her hands buttery, but soon warmed to it.


The cake was enjoyable for her, but she still doesn’t “get” the concept of presents; she never had a birthday celebration of any kind before she came to us, that much is obvious.  But she managed to open two of her presents this year without getting overwhelmed, which is an 100% improvement on last year, and she *loved* it when we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She actually tried to sing along, and every third “huh” was surprisingly on tune! I know I’ve heard that singing uses a slightly different part of the brain than speaking, and that, if the speaking part of your brain is damaged, sometimes the singing part can be trained to take over. You can’t hear her too well, but just look at her little shoulders heave! Watch her try to sing Here.


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