A Warm, Fuzzy Popsicle Skirt

Here is the answer; A Skirt, for Kristina.   :)   Congratulations to all those who guessed correctly.



I made the waistband from the bottom band of a freebie t-shirt. Score!


This trim is why we have a stash. It has sat around for several years being perfect for *something*…. And here it is!   It took an hour or two to hand-sew it on.


Ooh boy, I wouldn’t want to do that again anytime soon!

Kristina liked it, BTW. I will try to take a picture of her wearing it sometime. We just need to find a blouse. Shouldn’t be too hard, with all those colours.

I’ll have to put up a post detailing my mistakes with this project, but that’s for another time. Just to warn you, I made some doozies!



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