We go to the Garden 1/2

For her birthday, all mother requested was a day to herself. With five squirming children, aged 7-20, no wonder.  This is part 1, where we go to the gardens. Later on, there will be a part 2, and then a part 3, about the rest of the day. This post is made up of regular pictures and small galleries. If you click-through the galleries, I have details about our day stuck in the caption box.  As always, enjoy!


Every saturday, I get up before dawn to carpool 40-odd minutes to my violin lesson.   Usually I car-pool back and arrive in time to help fix lunch. This time, though, Daddy brought the rest of the kiddoes (excepting my oldest brother, who could get himself out of the house), and took us to the Botanical Gardens.

There was lovely art hanging all over the place. I’m not sure what it’s made of. 024

And then we met some Russians, one of whom had read Katya’s blog when we were adopting her.

I hope to have part 2 up tomorrow evening.  I’ll be finishing up the botanical gardens, and previewing the rest of our day.


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