We go to the Garden 2/2

Welcome to part 2!  Orchids, Koi, and Chihuly glass! And Katya.  I don’t have as many pictures of my other siblings because (1 I’m not constantly holding on-to their hands, the way I am with Katya and (2  They can tell people what all they did and saw. Katya can’t.

As usual, click on the galleries for notes on the pictures. Enjoy!


When I finished my last post, detailing our trip to the Botanical Gardens, we were just getting ready to go up the stairs to the orchid garden.  I think it was my favourite garden. It smelled both spicy and sweet, and of petrichor and growing things. 

Then we moved on to the… well, I’m not sure *what* it was. I just know that it had a waterfall, a Koi-pond, and Chihuly sculptures.

Next up was persimmon trees (or were they oranges?), and more Chihuly glass.  These pictures (below in the slide show) were taken in succession, and I love how the colours coordinate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we had lunch (complements of our Russian friends.)

Chad had a generous PB&J.


Katya had a “Build Your Own” Salad. The guy taking our orders was quite surprised that she would want everything but the cheese.  And olives. Though she probably would have eaten the olives. Look at her cute little mouth!


And I took one last picture.

I love sneak-shooting!
I love sneak-shooting!

I will be putting up one more post about our day out. We go to the book store and mall. Expect funny glasses pictures. And pretzels.


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