The Last of Our Day Out

Part Three of the “Day Out” series covers our time at Barnes and Nobel’s and the Mall.  I usually don’t drag things out this long –for parts 1 and 2, click here and here, respectively– but with a hundred-sixty pictures to sort through, it was kind’ve necessary.  This is the last installment, I promise!

As usual, please click the galleries for insights. (I have to repeat this message every time, because some not-techy people read this. For example, my Great Grandmother– who just turned 93, thank-you very much– is on both Facebook and Skype, and reads my blog) (Hi Grandma!)


Now, you may think that taking an 8-year old to a bookstore with an excellent children’s section not to be that much of an ordeal, but when the particular 8-year old in question is Katya, you really have to admire my Dad’s fortitude for even attempting it. No one likes to be the parent of a bully.  Or the kid who screams and makes the patrons of the coffee bar choke on their java.   Which is why we were so *floored* when…  (look down. You see it? Nothing unusual, you say? Normal book-store behaviour, you say?! You sir, or madame, obviously don’t know Katya.)


After we had recovered our breath somewhat from that shock, we killed some more time at the mall.  “Claire’s” was Katya’s store of choice.

Note: She took this picture to school yesterday, to show her friends. She seems to think she looks funny, for some reason.
Note: She took this picture to school yesterday, to show her friends. She seems to think she looks funny, for some reason.


After we had worked our way through the store (and the funny pairs of glasses) we went and had a pretzel.


And that is the end of it! Fini! Oh, we went home, of course. We’re not perpetually hanging in the food-court, eating pretzels.   Mother was thrilled with the present we brought back (candle holder) but mostly being left to herself, I think. Katya was very enthused when we suggested going back to the gardens on another day, and was happy to take pictures to show around at school.   Note: To get full justice from the phrase “Katya was enthused”, you’d have to see a video of it.

The sum of everything, then, is that it was a lovely day all the way around. And I am rather tired of typing because it’s late, and we’re having spaghetti for supper. And I haven’t had any yet.


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