A Sepia Violin

A few of the pictures I had to take for my photography class. That I’m *taking*, not teaching. (Yes, the background is funky. The violin was resting on a curling jumbo-sized calendar, on the floor, against white trim. As far as I know, we aren’t being graded on background for this one.)

This violin is around for pure aesthetics. Meaning I don’t play it.


It’s inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and has had a bad coat of varnish. (Read: Thick goop that looks formulated for outdoor use, slathered on over the inlays)  It actually looks better in sepia. I’ve had it in my closet for four or five years.  I think mum ‘n’ dad got it for 30 bucks off Craigslist?  It looks gypsy.




3 thoughts on “A Sepia Violin

  1. Nice pictures! You could have them framed and hang them on your wall and then hang the violin next to them, since it’s not a violin for playing anyway.


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