Two Birthdays


Kristina turned 13 (would you believe it?) Those are her wheat-and-dairy-free cupcakes.  Chocolate with vanilla. The pomegranate seeds were my idea. And we took the cupcakes to a party for Friend A, who turned 16.    


(There is no “friend B” in the post. Likewise no friend “C” or “D”)   There is, however, a”Tardis” cake. Which was not bigger on the inside, but had big flavour, which is better.

Note: Kristina will have her party next week, when her friends can come.

I apologise that most of the pictures (if not all) are of Katya. This is because… I don’t know why. Prehaps because it’s a little awkward to go stalking my contemporaries with a camera.    As *usual* click on and through the gallery. (Remind me to never be a tour guide. I think I would become cynical.)


Need I tell you that there were *lots* of people there, and that some of them kept their shoes on?


Yes, the food was very good. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese, in particular.

Katya discovered the piano. (Okay, *now* you can click on a gallery. The only gallery. Above.)


This one is blurry, because she was rocking. But she wanted to wear my glasses. She looks so grown up!


Than Mr. M got in the picture. Katya is trying to force a smile.  (You should see all the “likes” this picture has got on FB) To get full appreciation of it, you really would have to know Mr.M. He’s a joker. His most recent publicised escapade was pulling someone outside into the snow, in their socks. Someone who hates snow.  I’m still not sure how he managed that one. Did he shout “Fire! “? “Flood!”? “College students!”? Did he say it was raining spaghetti?  You never know with Mr.M.


We stayed out past her bedtime. Katya was so tired that she tolerated my putting pillows on her head.


Towards the end, her head began to hurt.  That’s a frozen teether, which she later traded for a bag of stir-fry, and even later, when we came home, a bag of peas.   These weather-changes are brutal. 080

Katya’s cute new jammies. Size 7!  Look at her little tummy!  And her poor, poor bald-spot.  Which they say might never grow back.



3 thoughts on “Two Birthdays

  1. I meant to tell you & your mama last night; I was in the kitchen when Katya very confidently walked in, over to the freezer, and opened it to put her stir-fry veggies away. She laid them down, patted them (I assume to make sure they weren’t going to fall out?), and then closed the door carefully. It was so cute, and so very smart, especially since it wasn’t a place she was familiar with.


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