Preview Of Kristina’s Bd. Party

Kristina had her 13th birthday party today. It was butterfly themed.  This is only a teaser post, because it’s late, late, *late*, and I want to do her party justice.  Try again tomorrow.

Kristina's Bd. Party 064

We hung green stringy stuff on the chandelier. This was the only picture that didn’t show the table. Which is worth coming back for.

Kristina's Bd. Party 042

And I made her an Ice-Water cake. My first time ever to make a layer cake, BTW. Doesn’t it look lovely??  (Joking.  What you see above is the crumb frosting. It looks awful, I know.  But I don’t want to show you the finished cake just yet.)


You’re supposed to guess what this is.  I took it a few days ago.  Good luck! Check back tomorrow to see Kristina’s party. I think it was one of the nicest we’ve ever planned.


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