Kristina’s 13th BD Party

Isn’t it lovely?

Kristina's Bd. Party 050

The table isn’t quite set yet, here.

Kristina's Bd. Party 052

I was rushing around like mad 20 minutes before the guests were scheduled to arrive, taking pictures. We weren’t even done with the last-minute cleaning. You can see the bead-stuff on the chandelier.  All those butterflies? Our Aunt J.  kindly punched them out (by hand!) and mailed them to us.

Kristina's Bd. Party 047

See the cake?!?  Ice-Water with coconut-lemon frosting, sprinkled with grated organic coconut.   Draped with butterflies.

Kristina's Bd. Party 060

I strung the butterflies on monofilament. I think that’s what it’s called. Clear plastic thread. Whatever. I used a crimp-bead to fasten it to the shish kabob skewers.  We think it a nice change to the penant banners that usually festoon cakes.

Kristina's Bd. Party 045

Mum purchased little flower-pot-pinwheels, and I typed up name cards.  The girls took them home as favours.

Kristina's Bd. Party 044

The green sprinkles are left-over from my birthday party last year.  See the candle-holders? They’re filled with glass pebbles and “AquaGems”, which are “water absorbent polymer.” They’re supposed to be good for putting cut flowers in, or using as a soil substitute, but every time we’ve put cut flowers in them, the flowers wilted *way* fast.  So no good on that count. But they are fun for the kids in our family with sensorary needs. And turns out “AquaGems” work for candles. So it wasn’t wasted money.

Kristina's Bd. Party 066

Katya helped fill the jars with beads and “gems”. And choose the ribbons. Every single ribbon she chose was polka-dots. I love these insights into her character.

Kristina's Bd. Party 080

The completed table.  It looked really, really fine.

Kristina's Bd. Party 087

And the cake tasted really fine, too. Everyone liked it. Maybe next time I’ll fill it with jam, or something. Mum thought I had better stick to what flavours I had, this time. Because the cake already had almond and vanilla, and the frosting was coconut-lemon.  Is anyone interested in the recipe?

Kristina's Bd. Party 082

I think the party was a success.   The girls certainly had fun, shaking the house with a stampeding game of hide ‘n’ seek, and a rollicking game of “Imagine If”.  Happy 13th Birthday, Kristina!


2 thoughts on “Kristina’s 13th BD Party

  1. Such pretty pictures of a beautifully set table! You have such neat ideas on how to make things around you, clothes, decorations etc beautiful!
    The cake looks delicious! And I admire the height of it. Whenever I make a layer cake I only make one cake and cut the layers from it. And I mash berries with sugar for between the layers of cake, often with one layer of homemade custard too. This makes a rather moist cake (sometimes more like wet…:-) ). I would love your recipe!


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