A Few Things

Firstly, do you prefer black…


Or red, with your snow?


Secondly, I made Katya a cover for her pea-bag (which she is no longer making such frequent use of, PTL.)


Thirdly, I had a birthday, which was very snowy.


And began with Cinnamon-Sugar-Raised doughnuts, from perhaps the best doughnuttery in the USA. Any day that begins with ——-‘s, is a pretty great day.


Later I had a party, of course. Not the day of, but a few days later.


This is all just to let you know that I’m alive. Uninspired, but alive.  Actually, I’ve been *trying* to draft a pattern for myself, and I’m feeling bogged down with measurements. For being a talented (so I’m told) violinist, math is not my strong suite.


2 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Belated birthday greetings! I hope that you had a nice day and felt remembered and appreciated by family and loved ones! The festive table is, as always, so beautifully set!


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