A Crisp Morning Tramp

Chad has been feeling a trifle neglected as of late–“nobody listens to me”, he says sadly–what’s more sad is that this is somewhat true; he’s a chatterbox lately, and in our  busy schedule he sometimes gets pushed aside.  So this morning right after breakfast, as a way of making amends,  I took him on a tramp.


It was cold enough to see our breath, even though the sun was well up, but Chad’s hands remained quite toasty. Which was conducive to hand-holding.


There were awesome pools of frozen slime (above and below.)  (“Let me step in it!” says Chad, hopefully.)


And fluffy bird bums. (“Quick! Take a picture!” hisses Chad, before smothering a sneeze.)


It was really nice to get out with him. He’s just a great kid.



4 thoughts on “A Crisp Morning Tramp

  1. Hey, I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we met a my brother Caleb’s wedding to Genna Ramey. I’m Charity and we’re both 16, at least we both were then:). I thought it was pretty cool that I came across your blog:) Just thought I drop a note to say hi:)


    1. Oh yeah, I remember you! I’d forgotten your name, though. I’m sorry your comment took so long to show up; I have it set so I have to approve comments before they appear, and if I don’t check everyday, some get missed. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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