What We Do

We go to parks we’ve never been to before, and bring a picnic.

Metro Gardens 005

After we eat, we walk around and admire flowers. There are lots of these blue ones.

Metro Gardens 006

We hang over bridge-railings, and discuss creek patterns and skunk-cabbages.

Metro Gardens 017

Later, on a different bridge, we admire a pair of mallards.

Metro Gardens 034

Katya says (well, whispers) “Pac, pac.”

Metro Gardens 030

Chad and Kristina –and later, Katya– climb up into a tree house, set on a real tree.  Katya is decidedly not impressed. Apparently she has a fear of heights?  Anyways, she roars and cries the whole time she is up there, and whimpers and shriekes the whole time comming down–even with Daddy’s assistance.     Chad and Kristina like it, though.

Metro Gardens 049

Katya likes the hidey-hole in the base of the tree, though.

Metro Gardens 055

There’s a smile!

Metro Gardens 060

And to finish, we take pictures by a tree.

Metro Gardens 096


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