Katya goes to the Wilmer Eye Institute

We’re slowly learning our way around JHH. This time we were forced to check out the Wilmer Eye Institute, Dr. Repka specifically. We had been recommended Dr. Repka  by Dr. Dorafshar.

I only have pictures from the tech’s checkup, because I stayed in the waiting room with Chad while she saw the actual Dr. (BTW, isn’t “Repka” such a nice eastern-european sounding name?)

Mother explains, and Katya is nervous.
Mother explains, and Katya is nervous.

baltimore april 2013 005

The techie–Alex, I think it was– was really good with Katya. He let her touch, and explained everything to her, without being the least bit patronizing. She responded really well, and tried to do everything he asked.

baltimore april 2013 010

We were all nervous when it came time for the eye-drops.   Mother thought she should hold Katya, because she usually doesn’t do well at all with the drops,  but the techie asked to be allowed to try his hand, first. He pulled out a little tissue box: “Here, Katya” (Katya grabs tissue and wipes nose) “No, no, Katya! Not for your nose! Here,” (take tissue from her left hand and places it in her right) “*This* one is for you nose, and *this* one,” (hands her a new tissue) “is for your eyes.”

baltimore april 2013 014

Then he showed her the bottle of eye-drops, and put a drop on her hand: “See Katya? It doesn’t hurt. No owies!”  Then he explained to her, with the appropriate gestures, that he was going to put it on her eye-lashes, and that he wanted her to close her eyes and then blink them. (Katya batts her eyelashes) And that she could wipe her eyes when he was done.  She did really, really well.     I get about teary looking at the pictures, but she never even whimpered. Having her close her eyes was pure genius.

baltimore april 2013 019

Good thing we brushed her teeth that morning!
Good thing we brushed her teeth that morning!

She wasn’t traumatized this time (as opposed to the “Pin the kid down and try to keep their eyes open while you put the drops in” method.)  Shutting her eyes to have the drops in was her natural response, and it’s a lot easier to blink wet eyes than it is to try to keep your eyes open while someone you don’t know hovers in your air-space and manuevers a pointy object next to your eye-ball.

We went back to the dim waiting-room while her eyes dilated,  and then the “World Renowned” eye specialist, Dr. Repka, called Katya back. He gave her (and mum and dad) the excellent news that (1) her intercranial pressures appeared fine and that (2) her vision is 20/25 in both eyes!  (That’s the “Big News” that I mentioned the other day.)  20/25 vision may not seem that big of a deal, but she had been tested before her surgery, and was considered to be close to legally blind. Our observations would agree with this.

Dr. Repka said that  such a reversal is “Miraculous!”  and that he would have never expected her to have such good vision with her history.

So we’re thrilled about that.     What’s not so happy is what we learned the next day at Dr Dorfashar’s.


2 thoughts on “Katya goes to the Wilmer Eye Institute

  1. I’m really thrilled to read such happy news about Katya’s eyes and her vision! And what a nice experience that the tech was so good with Katya!

    But please, Charity, don’t leave us with such a cliffhanger! What happened at Dr Dorafshar’s? Now I’m really worried!


  2. It was a pleasure to see your sister that day, Cherry.And very nice pictures, by the way.

    Alex Christoff
    “The Techie”
    Orthoptist, Assistant Professor
    The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins


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