After the Eye Institute

After Katya’s appointment with Dr. Repka, we had the afternoon to fix ourselves lunch, and do something fun.  Since it was “Get into a National Park Free” week, we took up the chance to save $30 odd dollars, and go see Fort McHenry.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 073

Katya was bouncing around, full of nervous energy, so I have no pictures of her. Sorry. Chad was constantly ducking behind and under stairs (“Chad!” I yelp, “There could be *spiders* under there!”) He didn’t care.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 052

We walked around on the tops of the earth-works. It was very cold and windy.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 064

We walked around the barracks, where the soldiers–who were, admittedly, on average smaller than todays’ male specimens– were forced to sleep four to a bunk. We exclaimed over the jail cells, which were dank 3×6′ rooms, with no windows and no heat. And we examined the 1814 ca. bomb-shelters, which were totally epic, and would make an awesome set for a music video.

Just before the park closed, we watched the day-time flag be taken down. The sky was cooperating nicely.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 068

Some friends had invited us to supper, but it was still an hour or so before we would need to head over, so we checked out a swanky neighborhood. (Yes. We have been in Baltimore so often we have friends there. And yes, my family is easily entertained.)

This neighbor-hood was gorgeous, and reminded us of Venice. I’m sure you can see why. :-)  Yes, that is running water. It flowed under the road and into…

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 085

this lovely pool. There were others, with dolphin statues, and everything was very beautiful and well cultivated, without looking forced. For example the tulips were colour coordinated. The neighborhood was full of tulips, and they were all red, yellow, and orange. (Storky photo-cred to Mum.)

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 081

This is the view over the harbour. This photo-cred also goes to Mum.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 079

We then went to our friends’ house for supper.

These particular friends began as FOF’s, or Friends Of Friends. Our long time friends, the Parkers, recommended them when Katya had her intercranial monitoring, and Chad and I needed a place to spend the night. We also stayed with them when Katya had her reconstruction surgery.  We’ve been in and out of Baltimore 5 times since then, but haven’t been able to see them, so it felt really nice to see familiar faces.

We had a very nice supper, the main course being spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread, with the spice of fellowship being the dominate flavour. The desert themed around humour, with angel-food cake, mocha brownies, fruit, and whipped cream. It was delicious.

And the next day we went to see Dr. Dorafshar, and Dr. Carson.


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