Katya Bids Dr. Carson Farewell

We got done at Dr. Dorafshar’s around 10:30. Her appointment with Dr. Carson wasn’t untill 11. We thought we’d get an early lunch, but the cafeteria in the Outpatient Centre was in the process of switching out the breakfast menu, so we ate snacks we brought from the Childen’s House, instead.  We sat to eat next to a lovely little garden outside the Outpatient Centre, with wending little paths and charmingly placed bushes.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 123

Chad had brought a box of Apple Jacks, and we got him a bottle of apple juice from the Cafeteria. Unfortunately, while taking a drink, after taking a bite of cereal, he accidentally backwashed a piece of cereal into his juice bottle.  He tried to fish it out, to no avail.Baltimore One-Year Checkup 127

So, we problem solved. I went and fetched him a spoon from the cafeteria, and we dumped the juice into the box of cereal, and that’s how he ate it.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 129

We had a long time to wait.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 126

Katya passed the time by playing tag with Daddy.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 136Baltimore One-Year Checkup 135Baltimore One-Year Checkup 132

We had a bit of a time finding Dr. Carson’s office. They’re renovating the outside of the Wolf St. entrance, and his office was on that side, so they moved him to the old psychiatric building.  It was a fairly recent move, so we kept getting differing reports as to where he was.

The lobby of the old psychiatric building is most impressive. Marble floors, brass, moulded walls, and pillars. The security was tighter there than in the main hospital: We had to be confirmed with a security guard as soon as we stepped in the door, and then we had to be confirmed again once we reached Dr. Carson’s office. Actually, they didn’t even let us back in near where he was– we had to wait in a conference room. Apparently privics had been wandering in “off the street” so-to-speak, and appearing in Dr. Carson’s office without invitation. The staff told us, in stressed tones of voice, that sometimes they hadn’t even realized that anyone was there.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 144

We had to wait for a long time. He was stuck in surgery, wouldn’t you know. Our appointment was at 11, and it was after 1 when he came in. By this time Katya had cracked open her back-pack, and pulled out the fruit snacks I usually keep in there.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 153Baltimore One-Year Checkup 146

Katya was very out of sorts, and fed up with the whole thing, but for the most part managed to keep things together.

The talk with Dr. Carson was actually fairly uneventful, compared to the one with Dr D.    Dr. Carson actually isn’t that much like a Dr.   I mean, he doesn’t look in her eyes, listen to her lungs, or anything like that.  He gently feels her head–seriously, his fingers hardly move– and pretty much tells Katya how wonderful she looks.  He was surprised when we showed him her spelling test–the one she got 100% on– he said, “She wrote all that herself?!” He was also surprised when we had her run for him. (Why the running is important–look at the bottom of the post.)

Dr. Carson says not to underestimate Katya, but I think his ceiling for expectations is lower than ours. It’s to be expected, I suppose. He doesn’t live with her, after all.

We got a couple of nice pictures of Katya with Dr. Carson. Probably the last that will be taken in a while, since he’s retiring this summer. Next month, actually, if my memory serves me.

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 150

Baltimore One-Year Checkup 152

I prefer the first picture.  What’s that? “But in the second, she’s hugging him!” you say? Granted, it certainly *looks* that way–if you don’t know Katya. Because if you know Katya, you would see that she’s hot and agitated, quite finished with the whole thing, really. And that her fingers are digging oh, so subtly, into Dr. Carson’s shoulder.    But a fair lot of you don’t know Katya, so go on and enjoy it. :-)


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