In the Meantime

It’s rather telling that last night I dreamed that I was living a clandestine and simple life in the basement of John Hopkins Hospital.    Mother laughed when I told her this morning.

But here’s what I’ve been doing between lengthy blog posts.

Drooling over fabric. I’m not sure about the butterfly seersucker, but I’m thinking the poppy print(s), coupled with a solid, would make a lovely breezy dress.  I’m wanting to make myself more solid things in my wardrobe. Solids seem to denote such restraint.     If only I had a dress pattern.   >sigh<


I bound a quilt. I’ve never done that before. It’s a Raggedy-Ann and Andy doll quilt, intended for a small cousin of mine. Mum cut out and sewed the quilt top.


I also made a spaghetti sauce, which was very good. Cherry tomatoes cut in half, deer-burger, olive oil, fresh and dried spices, and some tomato paste.  Only one picky eater in our house disliked it. No, that picky eater is probably not as young as you would think.


And Chad, Katya and I played a serious game of now you don’t see me…


…now you do!


We were all piled on Chad, who–I dare say– can take it quite well.  Katya was much happier than it looks like in the pictures. When Chad kissed her knees, she laughed and laughed.

You can look forward to an up-cycled skirt for Katya.  And more pillow-cases, if I can get them cut out on my own. The measuring drives me nuts.





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