An Upcycled Skirt

This is the skirt I was telling you about. It’s been cluttering up the sewing room for over a year.  I had cut an old mens T-Shirt into an A-line shape, and sewed one strip of doubled over gathered tulle on the skirt.  Did you know you can buy nifty rolls of pre-cut tulle?   I had planned to sew on another strip, but all those gatheres wigged me out. I have some perfectionist tendency, when it comes to sewing, and gathers drive me up the wall, because it’s so hard to get them evenly distributed.   So it sat, languishing. Until last week, when I picked it up again and made an executive decision. I unpinned the 2nd ruffle, and, at mother’s suggestion, sewed on a strip of velvet ribbon.


I also made a fabric flower to go with it. The flower was created from a thrifted piece of lingerie–even the lace.

I’m sorry the picture is so blurry: I’ll replace it with a better one by-and by.

Edit: Here’s the better one.


Detail shot of the waist. Since the flower is off-center, I didn’t want Katya to be confused as to which is front and which is back. If you look carefully, you can see that I zig-zag stitched the waistband. Zig-zag stitch has stretch to it, so the stitches won’t pop as easily.


Katya seemed pleased with the skirt: She likes it when I make things for her.  She wore it to school today.  I have no good pictures of her face, because Katya objected to me taking her picture, and made the most disagreeable scowls, and kicked.




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