A Windfall of Patterns

For the last two days, mother’s been loading us (Chad, Kristina, and Myself) into the van and doing a sort of “Day About Town.”   We’re trying to get our summer fun in before Katya gets out of school.  Make no mistake: We all adore Katya, but she’s high-maintenance, and last year, by the time school started, we were walking around dazedly with grim expressions of determination frozen on our visages.   Getting to that “nails down the chalkboard” stage isn’t fun, so we’re making happy summer memories before the long slide down begins again.

So this morning, in addition to the sales rack at Gymboree (summer clothes for Katya) and a trip to Kohls (summer t-shirts for me) we managed some yard-sales. We’re so glad we did!  Because this lady was getting rid of a whole box of *vintage* patterns! They had belonged to her mother, and she was willing to give them to us, but mother insisted on paying her something. So we got the lot for $1! And by the time I sorted out a stack to (probably) keep…


and one to dispose of…


The original box was still half full of “maybes!”


And look at these!

Checkout that adorable scalloped jacket!


And this one is definitely getting made up for Katya this summer.


And that, my friends, is why you should yard-sale. Because it’s heaps easier than dumpster-diving, and you won’t get arrested! :-)


4 thoughts on “A Windfall of Patterns

  1. Love to sew and patterns are SO expensive now!
    Sell your unwanted ones on eBay, or at least check out the vintage pattern prices before pitching them. :)


    1. Well I never said I was *pitching* them :-) I probably should’ve clarified. :-) We were thinking giving a friend of mine the chance to pick through them (she’s done the same for me) and selling the rest.


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