A “Park of Roses”

I always forget how much I love roses.  The bouquet varieties at the store just aren’t competition for a real, live rose-bush. And one living rose-bush is much improved when surrounded by four or five hundred other rose bushes. 005

Add the thirteen acres of roses to a tranquil Sunday afternoon, and the combination is irresistible. (We’ll just forget about the lengthy ride there.) “There” being the “Columbus Park of Roses.” We took the cooler weather this past Sunday to go and see the early roses, and enjoyed ourselves most thoroughly.

Our family was treated to an unexpected jazz concert, which Katya really enjoyed. The music was fine, but what I really liked was watching the people.


We really had a lovely time.  Even Katya, though she left the park in tears.  The poor kid just couldn’t hold it together anymore. It must be love, to find a crying child so cute.


But so that you are not left with a picture of a teary Katya, here’s a mental one– Katya kissing a ruffly, baby pink rose.

Edit:  If I can get WordPress to cooperate, I’ll upload a picture.


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