Flowers and Frogs

Note: This post is mostly for the edification and enjoyment of my Great (She is, too!) Grandma. She reads blogs, and is on Facebook. We’re exceedingly proud of her.

It seems to be becoming a Sunday afternoon tradition to take trip to a garden.  This is because (A: The weather of late has been superb, (B: Gardens are one of the few places Katya does well at, and (C: Really, what else would we do?


This time we tried out the Clary Gardens, in Coshocton.   Katya had a great time, Chad had a great time, Kristina had a better time than she thought she would. Of course, I had a fine time, as well.

(Click on the galleries, Grandma, to see the pictures larger. I also put notes about the pictures in there, so it’s worth a look.)

Katya spotted an airplane…


Chad had a fun time teasing frogs…


Katya looked adorable while picking flowers…



And we all had fun going for a walk in the surprisingly substantial woods.


I’ve now got four mosquito bites. Not pictured.  Ah well. Welcome to summer.


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