A Woodsy Wedding

This was–seriously– one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been at.  Beginning with the setting, and including, but not limited to, the mothers.020

Who, though lovely ladies, were entirely upstaged by the bride.


This is the wedding sermon, preached by our very loving pastor.


This was my view, though in real life I could see more and better.  Do you see those rocks? And there was a waterfall to the far, far left. I should have got a picture, but you know how that goes.


The man in front of me had a better view than I did, so I borrowed his phone, so to speak.  He didn’t know I took his picture.


Then for the lighting of the unity candle. I’ve never understood that practice.   But it sure looks good!


I loved the dress– no beads, no heavy stuff, just lots of tulle and some embroidery.


Then we all went walking back to the reception area. (Oh? I didn’t mention that this wedding was so much in the out-of-doors that you had to walk? Except for the geriatrics. They got pushed and helped part of the way, then a van came to take them to the reception.)


This was Katya’s First Wedding! We were all proud.     (Note: You see that blouse I’m wearing? It’s a reincarnation of The Stylish Dress Book’s view “K”.  With improvements. I expect to blog about it soon.)

Katya filled herself up on fruit, and determination to not be too full for cake.  She barely picked at the delicious-and-trumps-Chipotle-any-day  Chipotle style supper.  The meat was amazing! I’m hoping to get the recipe third hand.


It was a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding. Really, it was.


A very happy wedded life to Ricky and Sara!


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