Planning a Hospital “Gown”

The last time Katya was in the hospital, we got so, so tired of seeing her in the  hospital gowns.  All an unnatural shade of green with a print of bears and balloons (Katya is frightened of both), made up in a scratchy synthetic that provided little warmth, and so big and floppy that she could barely keep them on.

For all but the last few days of her three week stay, Katya was on IV’s, so putting her in anything else was impossible.   She perked up considerably, once she was put in something soft and pretty.     So this time I’m going to do something.

Now the way I figure it, If I take the ties off this wrap dress,  extend the shoulder seam to make little cap sleeves (Katya is always cold), open up the shoulder seams,  judiciously apply snap-tape, and sew it up in a warm flannel, I expect it should make Katya a cozy hospital nighty.     (front opening, of course)


Note that I say “nighty” not “gown”.  She’ll be wearing a hospital gown for some of her stay.  Hospital gowns are easier access to her incisions, and there’s less of them to hold out of the way when toileting, esp. in PICU, when she’ll still be pretty weak.   No one cries if a hospital gown gets ruined.    But for when she’s feeling a little better, and we’re sick of hospital colors, I’ll have one or two of these made up.      I have in mind a length of hot-pink flannel with smiling Peanut-Butter and Jelly Sandwiches printed on it, that Katya expressed some affection for. It’s pretty wild, so she’ll be quite the focal point.  I’m looking forward to it.


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