Joni and Friends (Pt. 1)

For those of you who do not read my mother’s blog,  my family (and I) were graciously given the gift of going to a  Joni and Friends Family Retreat.   We all had a great time, and have been much the better for it.

A lot of the pictures are of Katya, because I stayed with her for most of the first day, to get her settled.  I took pictures of other people,  but I try to be sensitive to the fact that some people don’t like their faces (or their children’s faces) all over the internet.

I’m not going to go through the week day-by-day (I’ll save that for Mum) but I will put short anecdotes in the galleries, so click through them

Joni and Friends 098
She’s playing with a tub of Legos they had set out.
Joni and Friends 103
Modeling a hat she decorated.
Joni and Friends 126
A church came in, and set up carnival style games.

And Everybody’s favorite– Motorcycle rides!   Kristina was over the moon with joy.

Joni and Friends 129

Daddy managed to sneak past my camera, but I caught him just as he was getting off, and demanded he “Get back on that ‘sickle’!” (catch the vague reference to the Andy Griffith Show?)

Joni and Friends 151

Oh, Chad. What more can be said?

Joni and Friends 139

Katya *wanted* to ride, but it was too noisy.

Joni and Friends 137

I did not ride. “Sickles” aren’t my thing, and besides, I was indisposed, and had to return to our room.  But it was a lovely first day.


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