Joni and Friends (Pt.2)

Jumonville has this thing called the “King Swing”, where you go x amount of feet up in the air, and then they drop you.   Here you can see the apparatus set up to take up the wheel-chair dependent kids.  Even the ones with floppy necks could go, because there was a neck brace for them.

Joni and Friends 181

I’ve rappelled off 120 ft cliffs, so thirty or so feet didn’t scare me (much).  It was fun, but I didn’t expect the G-forces to be so strong.  This is one of the very few pictures with me in it, BTW.

Joni and Friends 219

Katya cut up her own food at supper, using both knife and fork!

Joni and Friends 220

One afternoon there was a petting zoo.  Katya did not freak, but she wanted to stay far back. Chad loved it, though!

There was a dance-party sort of thing one night  (have you noticed I’ve forgotten which days they did what?)  I thought I would spend the night like a sour wall-flower, but it was actually really, really fun!

A nightlight hack….  A cup of lime-pineapple jello, set on top of a flashlight. This picture shows how incredible it looked…

Joni and Friends 351

And this picture shows the sort of light it put out.

Joni and Friends 352

On that note, goodnight (or afternoon), and watch for the final installation.



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